You know what’s not so frugal?

Moving. Moving sucks. Moving is expensive. I find that no matter how well I plan, I can’t seem to make moving frugal. Just when I think I have it all figured out, there are always hidden expenses that pop up unexpectedly. Grumble grumble.

Holden is torn between being excited to have another dog friend around all the time (seen here with Reddington) and struggling with feeling like he gets less attention. He obviously isn’t getting less attention, but every time I pet Reddington he gives me the look. Silly boy. George is also less than thrilled about being closed in my bedroom for a few days. I want to let him adjust before I have him out with the rambunctious pups. He has taken to peeing in Holden’s bed as a protest. Thanks George.

So back to those not so frugal aspects of moving. I was lucky enough to be able to snag a few bags of pantry supplies from my mom’s basement. Pasta, canned tomatoes, spices, oils and vinegars, a few other odds and ends. It’s very helpful to not need to stock up on EVERYTHING from scratch. But when I went to the store I still needed to buy: butter, milk, frozen veggies, rice, more pasta, flour, sugar, tea, produce, cheese, olives, and a few treats. Add to that the groceries I needed to make dinner and yikes! My bill was easily almost $100. Sad face. I came home, put everything away, prepped the veggies, and felt a little better as I got to cooking dinner. But I know I have to go back to the store today to get a few more things for the week, so I’m preparing myself.

Another frugal fail: I keep a bag in the freezer full of produce bits and chicken bones, when it gets full I pop it all in the slow cooker to make chicken stock. I roasted a whole chicken on Friday and saved the bones from what I ate and told myself to put the extra bones in the freezer. So last night I took the extra chicken out, but the meat off the bone and then threw the bones away……oops. And I didn’t even realize until this morning! Gah! I was going to make stock today, but I don’t have enough bones now. So I’m pissed with myself! And annoyed. Oh well. Another day this week I will make stock and it will be fine. But I’m still annoyed with myself.

I also had to make a Target run yesterday to get a few of the random things I didn’t think about. Lightbulbs, a shower head, broom, cheese grater etc. Bleh. I don’t like spending money that I don’t anticipate. Tough weekend for my wallet guys! And it’s not finished yet! I know that as soon as I’m all settled in it won’t be such a burden.

So what am I making for dinners this week? I’ll post my weekly meals tomorrow!

Does this count as frugal?

I have had the same iPod for…….about 10 years. ┬áIn all likelihood, more than that.

There is nothing wrong with it *knocks on wood* and has been a loyal friend for many, many years. I got it while in college and a friend’s spouse worked at Apple. So I got it at a discounted price.

Granted, I am not the one who has to have all the new gadgets when they come out, but I have chosen to keep this iPod for as long as it so chooses to cooperate. I have fixed it a couple of times, and the free apple repairs have been awesome. Why should I spend a few hundred dollars, every couple years, when this one works just fine? It has all my favorite music on it, and people on airplanes always laugh when I pull it out of my backpack. I have upgraded my headphones to Bose headphones that I think I also got for free about five years ago. Needless to say I am quite pleased with my music listening situation.

Though this is not necessarily a conscious frugal decision, I have never had a yearning to replace it in all these years.

All my little frugal choices add up. Not getting a coffee on my way to work, packing my lunch, not replacing my perfectly acceptable iPod, batching errands, not grocery shopping hungry, all these things add up. Being frugal is never going to make me rich. It’s going to add small amounts back into my pocket on a regular basis. Think about it. If I purchased a fancy coffee drink every Friday as a special treat, that would be $4 a week. 4×52 is 208. $208 dollars a year is a lot of money! That could be a minor car repair, house repair, multiple grocery visits, the list goes on. And that’s just coffee! So the steps do add up I promise! What about you? Do you have any older electronics that you have held on to past their prime?


Let’s try this again

I think I want to give this blogging thing a try again. It’s been a while (read: years) and I think I’m ready to take another go at it.

See, I actually really enjoy blogging. I like writing about my life and my day, my accomplishments and set backs, it keeps me accountable. The thing is, I want my blog to be pretty, like all the blogs I love so much. And I’m not so good at that part. I take pictures on my phone, and that’s about it. So who am I against all those other beautiful, well curated blogs? But it really doesn’t matter. It’s about the content and doing what I want to do (damnit!) So I’m going to blog again. And really, that’s all there is to it!


(Cado is especially excited about Auntie MoMo starting her blog again. He told me)