Happy Spring!

I cannot tell you how pleased I am that Winter is in the rear view. Usually by February most Portlanders are OVER IT. Add into that going into year THREE of a global pandemic and I am beyond over it. I understand that many people have moved on and begun traveling but I am not there yet. I have not been on a plan in almost three years, haven’t gone more than 40 miles from Portland in just as long. Oof. I am tired. So the fact that Spring has sprung is such a joy. I was able to put the above trellises in the garden and to me it just signals the beginning of garden season. My very kind and handy neighbor helped me acquire the cattle panels and install the in the garden beds last week and I am LOVING it. He tells me every day that he has garden envy hehe.

Last week I began the succession planting of some plants in the garden. I planted shelling peas and this week I planted some carrots and lettuce. Tomorrow I’ll add some additional peas. My goal is to be able to have some things ready for picking/preserving continually during the summer months as opposed to everything being ready at once. That was what happened last year and it was definitely a challenge to preserve so much all at one time. This is only my second year having a garden so I am absolutely still learning, and I’m sure I will continue learning every year indefinitely. As my neighbor said we can’t wait to see green growing up the trellises! I won’t put cucumbers and beans in for another month or so, so it will be a while longer but it’s still exciting to see the slow progress!

I made all meals at home this week, resisting temptation to order take out or delivery. It was a very stressful week so I am glad I was able to fend off the call of takeout! I did have two dear friends over for dinner on Thursday and it was so nice to be able to cook a delicious, healthy meal without having to go buy anything. I made halibut that my father caught in Alaska (thanks Dad!) yellow rice, green beans, carrots, potatoes, and we have rice krispy treats for dinner. Oh and pickles as a pre dinner snack. My friend’s husband went to culinary school (a fact I conveniently forgot) and he complimented me on dinner so I am calling it a success!! I have plenty of leftovers so that has provided me with additional meals for days. Yum. I absolutely notice that I feel better when eating food that I have cooked myself. The closer to the source the better. I am so grateful to be able to have these options available to me and I hope to never take that for granted.

Have you seen gas prices lately? Good lord! Doing my best to not go out often, and if I do have to leave the house batching errands when I do. Luckily I am a homebody but I have noticed that I am definitely itching to get out a bit more lately. Trying to see family and friends in my own home is helpful, as I find if I don’t see anyone for too long I start to feel lonely. My animals are excellent company but it’s typically very one sided conversations hehe.

What about you? What frugal things have you been up to lately?