On why I clearly suck at blogging

I have been a notoriously shitty blogger as of late. Sorry guys.  Here is a picture of me after a decidedly un-frigal afternoon. I dyed my hair, green. It was supposed to be Teal but it decided to pitch a fit and not stick. Oh well. It took five hours! But it turned out alright in the end. I definitely didn’t plan for this color, and when it turned out this way I decided to just chop it all off and go full punk. Joey Ramone would be proud.
Because of a few things coming up (moving, woo hoo!) I have decided June will be a no spend month. That means I will buy no clothes, shoes, accessories, unnecessary things. It sounds silly, but I slip sometimes, spend more money than I should. The one caveat is I need a new leash for witness protection pup. I say need because I actually need it. The leash I have is  tearing my hands to shreds. He is STRONG, like crazy strong. And I need a leash that can hold him safely. As soon I’m legally allowed to, trust me I’ll be posting all the photos. Can’t yet! Still legal custody, but that’s a story for another time.
Any who I digress. I am going to get my spending under control. I am allowed to buy food, household products (toilet paper, cleaning supplies), pet food, medicine, pet medicine, gas. I will get back on track. I told Rachel (my roommate) about my plan in order to keep myself accountable.
How am I going to get back on track? I will stop perusing my favorite shopping sites. I will stop hunting instagram. I will not go anywhere those stores where I spend extra money. I know, it sounds so silly, but I really am trying. I have a tendency to think “oh well, I just need that pair of shoes and then I’ll not spend anymore until “insert date here” but it just doesn’t work! So here it goes. I’ll do my best to keep this updated. 

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