Halibut for days

I love halibut, it’s my favorite fish by far. Since moving to the pacific northwest, we have a wealth of fresh fish available to us. I don’t think I ate any fish growing up, and if I did I certainly didn’t like it.

But now, holy balls I LOVE halibut. Lucky for me, my father has taken up fishing lately. He fishes all the damn time. And one of the perks is her bring home fish (rarely). But I now have a freezer full of freshly caught seafood to enjoy. I try to spread it out and enjoy it sparingly, as I don’t have an unlimited supply, but I do cherish what I have been given.


That’s my daddy, proud fisherman! Isn’t he cute.

Now, clearly the fish he is holding is not a halibut. Or at least, that’s what I discovered upon looking it up.

Fish is usually quite expensive, especially when it’s out of season. But local, fresh caught fish can be inexpensive when it’s on sale, and if you buy the whole fish. So typically that’s what I do. I buy a whole fish and have the person behind the counter fillet it for me. So I typically buy fish only 3ish times a year. I portion it out and freeze it individually. Then it lasts us longer. Additionally, as mentioned, my dad brings home fish occasionally. On those occasions where he does catch something he can keep, he will share with me. He and mom can only eat so much fish after all. And my father has other friends who fish as well, so we are never lacking.

By shopping locally, and seasonally, it saves me a great amount of money. I have friends all over the country and we are rarely eating the same thing at the same time. What is in season in Portland varies from what is in season in Missouri. What are you eating this season?

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