Self Care

I know we have talked about this before, and I know I’m not the only one talking about it. But guys, self care is SO important. We live in a culture of giving so much of ourselves. We give to our work, to our friends and family, to our coworkers, the community, our children, and yet so rarely to ourselves.

I truly believe that in order to be the best version of ourselves, we need to take better care of ourselves. This can mean different things to different people. My friend Heather does yoga each morning with her cats before her morning cup of tea. She posts beautiful pictures on her Instagram that definitely make me consider taking up yoga…..but then I remember that I hate yoga. Some people run, write, sing, swim, to each their own. Don’t do something just because it’s trendy, do whatever truly refreshes you!

So this brings me to yesterday. I was encouraged to work from my hotel room instead of going into the shelter. When I go out on deployment for work, often this means 16 days away from home, without a break. And I don’t know about you, but my body tends to revolt after about 10 days straight of working 12 hours a day. So my awesome boss encourages me to take a day in the middle of my deployments to wok from the hotel. I get to sleep in, take my time, and work from bed if I so choose. And let me tell you, it does wonders! Sometimes I think “oh I don’t need it this trip I’m feeling good”. …….Nope. I always feel better if I take that day to regroup.


So this was my view yesterday. I worked from bed whilst enjoying smashed avocado with chicken. Think chicken salad but no mayo, just rotisserie chicken and avocado, maybe a little salt. It’s one of my very favorite things to eat, it’s easy on my tummy, and very nutritious! It’s fully of healthy fats and protein, so it fills me up and I don’t feel guilty about it! This is what self care looks like to me. (sorry if I sound like a broken record people, but I really believe this is important!)

What’s her point? You may be asking. I see articles on a daily basis about all the things I can buy to aid in my self care routine. Fancy pillows, Fancy tea bags and oil diffusers, sound machines and exotic bath robes. I don’t think you need any of it. You certainly can if you like, but self care doesn’t need to cost you anything!  The most expensive thing about yesterday was the avocado because they aren’t in season. Sure, I could have gone and gotten a facial, a massage, had my nails done and sipped a fancy latte. But I chose to stay in the cozy hotel (mind you it was 11 degrees, a high for the week!) enjoy my avocado smash, take a nap, enjoyed a hot shower and lazily drank my coffee. It was glorious. I still got my work done, but I was rested. I wasn’t rushed, I wasn’t in a hurry, it was so nice!

I realize that my work situation is a little different than the average individual. But do something special during your nightly routine, or your morning routine! Take a Saturday afternoon to slow down and pamper yourself! We can take care of ourselves without spending a fortune I swear!

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