An uneventful death

Ok don’t panic anyone, but I really think it’s wise to plan your own death. I’m not saying you have to start now if you are a healthy 20 something year old, but it certainly couldn’t hurt!

Do you have a will? Have you spoken to a lawyer? Does your family know your wishes? Did you know that in certain cultures it’s expected that individuals will have a hand in planning their deaths? Some write their own obituaries, clean out their closets, cancel mailings and credit cards, the list goes on. And really, I think it’s incredible.

Imagine giving your family the gift of not worrying. Not having to figure it all out and go into debt in the process. I think that’s an incredible thing to give anyone.

So where do you start? I think it’s important to discuss this situation with close family and friends. Not everyone is going to understand, that’s ok. Not everyone needs to get it. But explain that you are trying to be helpful and you’d like a say in the end of your life when you may not be in any position to have a say.

I think it just goes such a long way to talk to the people you love. They want the best for you, even at the end of life. And a little planning can go a long way to wards less pain, frustration, and cost less money. Which is the ultimate frugal choice, isn’t it?

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