So. Many. Berries

You know what I did today? I picked 6 lbs of strawberries. Aren’t they pretty? And it cost me all of $14 (which for those keeping score at home is WAY cheap! Especially since these are the famous Hood Strawberries, only available for a few short weeks each year. Best. Strawberries. Ever.)

Any who, I went to Sauvie Island, my fave, and enjoyed an hour or so of pleasant berry picking. I got a little dirty and a little wet (because it rained, in Oregon, shocker) and it was super cheap! They do offer cardboard baskets you can fill, but I came prepared with my own tupperware for my pickings. They weight it before you go out into the fields, explain their new system of flags (super clever btw guys!) and off you go! I plopped my tupperware and backpack in one of their big wheeled wagons and off I went!

This is something I enjoy doing at least once a year. It’s a beautiful piece of land, always a lovely time, and I walk away with a ton of fruit. Usually I make jam, but since I already made a batch this year, I decided to freeze these berries. Roomie and I make smoothies regularly, and now we won’t have to buy frozen berries for probably a good 6 months, maybe even a year. I definitely call that a win!

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