Frugal win!

I don’t always win. Especially when it comes to being frugal. I have my moments where I fall off the proverbial wagon and royally f*ck up. And that’s ok. We all make mistakes.

However, I was super pleased with myself yesterday as I flew cross country for work. I packed bagel chips, goat cheese, and olives for my trip. Oh, and a bagel with shmear to eat as breakfast. See, my flight took off around 6am and for those who don’t know me I am most definitely NOT a morning person. I ate my bagel shortly after takeoff and enjoyed free tea and biscuits from the airline. I landed in MSP (Minneapolis St. Paul) and had two hours to spare. My company reimburses my expenses that occur during my time, so I quickly stopped to pick up LARGE cold brew coffee (in order to stay awake) for a whopping $2.50 and I have never loved anything more. It wasn’t fabulous, but I REALLY needed coffee.

Then on to my next short flight and I landed in my destination (can’t tell ya where that is, we are working on an active case.)

I landed 30 minutes before my coworkers were due to arrive back at the hotel. So I got all checked in (had my very own fancy king size room for the night) and went to the grocery store with my colleagues. I love that we have mini fridges so I can store snacks and other things while away at work. We are allotted money to eat out every night but I still hate waiting to be reimbursed. Our breakfast is at the hotel daily and our lunch is catered.

It’s definitely not cute, but that’s a picture of me enjoying that LARGE cup of cold brew coffee. At home, or on deployment, I try to buy the large glass jar of it. I can stretch it farther and it ends up costing way less (yes I know I know I can make it myself, but I make my tea almost daily, costing pennies per jar, so let me buy my damn coffee!) 
What have you done today in the name of frugality?

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