So I have been obsessed lately with the blog www.frugalwoods.com and for good reason. She is sweet and funny and very insightful. Mr. and Mrs. FG live in rural Vermont on their homestead with Babywoods and Frugal Hound. And thought their life is totally different than mine, I am entirely jealous. I am definitely a city girl, but I read the blog and all I want is to move to a homestead in the middle of nowhere. Now, I’d probably go stir crazy after a few weeks, but in my head I would LOVE it.

One thing Mrs. FG talks about is her lack of spending on clothing. And it got me thinking, I spend way too much money on clothes. Like, way too much. I probably buy at least 3 articles of clothing (or shoes) per month. That is a lot of money that could definitely be better spent elsewhere (or not spent at all). So I decided, I will take her approach. She suggests trying something for one month to see how it goes. So, I decided that for the month of June I would not buy any clothing, no shoes, no hats, no bags, no accessories. One month, that’s it. 
And how is it going? Surprisingly better than expected. You see, I LOVE clothing. I love style and fashion and all of it. I love how a pair of shoes can make me feel like a different, somehow better person than I was mere minutes before. And so I thought this challenge would be extremely difficult. And if I’m being honest, it was difficult to begin with. I’d see a pair of shoes or a shirt and think oh I can totally wear that! But then, wait, no spending this month. And you know what I’ve realized, after I waited a few days I didn’t need it so much. I may have still liked the item, but i didn’t NEED it. And so, I would say so far it’s been a swimming success! 
I am far from a perfect individual, but I am trying to improve my spending and saving habits. Now, it was partially made easy by the fact that I am out for work on deployment for 10 days this month, and being grubby and gross whilst working 12 hour days doesn’t actually make me want to buy clothes. Go figure……
So for now I continue forward (only six days ’til the end of the month) and you know what? I am going to try to keep it up. I think I will set another goal for myself at the end of the month. Maybe another month? When taken in baby steps it doesn’t seem that hard. And if I can do it, you certainly can do it. 
What are some of your tips and tricks for saving money in unique ways? Let me know!

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