You guys, I have a new favorite snack, or meal, let’s just call it a food choice. Take some rotisserie chicken, shred it up, smash up an avocado with it, and serve atop a cracker of your choice (my favorite are La Panzanella’s Garlic flavored crackers). And I’m obsessed. Not only is it healthy (protein, healthy fats) it’s filling and fairly inexpensive. Now, I realize that you can’t get avocados easily everywhere and often they aren’t cheap. But if you shop seasonally you can get them for thirty cents a piece sometimes. Buy all the avocados. Seriously.

This is so delicious. Let me explain: how many of you like chicken salad or tuna salad with mayo? It’s the same concept, but using avocados (good fat) instead of mayo (less than ideal fat). And I PROMISE it’s delicious! Allergic to avocados? Ok you’ve got me there, best not to try this. Vegetarian? Smash up a half an avocado with some chick peas, equally delicious and filling!

See, I try to eat 4 or 5 times a day. I don’t eat a lot at each sitting, just something small so I never get especially hungry. This prevents me from over eating and getting full (because I LOATHE feeling full. Weird, I know.) I snack, all day long. But I do sit down for almost regular size meals at least three times a day. If it were really up to me, I’d have a small breakfast, medium snack around 11am, another medium snack around 2pm, light snack around 4 or 5pm, and dinner by 7pm. I realize that’s a lot of eating for some people, but again, it’s not a big meal. We are talking less than a cup of food, sometimes less than half a cup of food. (I am actually eating my smashed avocado and chicken combo right now, at 4:15pm!)

Speaking of food, whilst out on deployment for work, we get lunch catered daily (I think I’ve mentioned this before). I mention this because today we had sandwiches delivered. I love sandwiches. I mean, it’s basically bread with toppings. Drool. But fairly recently I have discovered that not all lunch meat is created equal, and most additional toppings don’t sit well with my delicate Crohn’s riddled body. So I don’t eat many sandwiches, unless I know exactly what is in them. So while I moaned and groaned over my inability to partake in delicious looking sandwiches, I noticed two jugs of tea. One marked as sweet tea (we are in the midwest after all) and the other unsweetened. I had a glass jar which contained lemonade until about 30 minutes ago, so in went some unsweetened iced tea and bam! Free, delicious tea for the whole afternoon. I will of course be adding ice as it’s a balmy 87 degrees here with 70% humidity (bleh).

But I digress, yet again. Go have a snack guys, you’re probably hungry. And consider adding avocado to some

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