Why I’m saving money to buy my dog a house

I read an article recently that said millennials are saving their money to buy homes, not because they want to have kids but because they want to have dogs (or already have dogs)! And wham! It hit me upside the head. That is exactly why I want to buy a home. Do I necessarily need a bigger home than the one I currently live in with an awesome-sauce roommate? No. I want a yard. I want to be able to let Holden and Jethro run and romp and not have to worry about them getting out. I want them to have a way to get outside when I’m not feeling up to walking them. They are my kids. (And please, don’t jump all over me and say “how dare you compare your dogs to my kids! I ain’t hearing it!)

My dogs are my family. I will move heaven and earth to ensure they have what they need to succeed. Jethro has made such strides in my care and I hope to always be able to give him whatever he needs. I want him to thrive.

So why exactly do I think my dog deserves to live in a house that we own? Let me explain….

1) Most rentals are decidedly NOT dog friendly. Let along Doberman or Pit Bull friendly. And that’s what my squishy loves are. They are my heart and soul and it just kills me that not everyone sees them as such. So many people put restrictions on rental properties, excluding those with pets. I have more than one pet, two over the usual 25 lb limit, and two that are definitely on the breed restrictions list. So that pretty much rules out all rental properties. (I currently live with my AMAZING friend who owns her home and happens to love my dogs. Her dog and mine get along fabulously and it’s a total win situation. I know that down the line I will however want to own my OWN home.)

2) Location. I want to be able to walk my dogs without fear of anything happening to them. I want to love the neighborhood and not worry about being safe in my own home (though I suppose a Doberman and Pit Bull definitely help with that one.) I want them to be comfortable and not worry about anything happening to them and needing to move.

3) I want my home to work for them, not against them. Someday my spindly legged Dobe will not enjoy the stairs or jumping on high furniture. I want to be able to have him on one main floor, and have furniture that he can easily access. Jethro also has a hard time jumping up on ANYTHING and definitely has a hard time with stairs. The flatter my house, the better!

4) Most importantly, I want my boys to be safe. I want them to have a safe and secure home of their own, so they will always be comfortable. They have all come from such different backgrounds and I promised them I would always take care of them. So that’s exactly what I intend to do.

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