Money Diary: Day Three

6:50 AM – Up and at ‘em. So tired, because I didn’t sleep well. I take the dogs on a walk, feed them, and head back to bed. I am really enjoying this week of slow mornings!

9:00 AM – Up for the second time. I eat some avocado toast, and hop in the shower. I am supposed to meet my friends’ new baby this afternoon and I want to be fresh and clean! I get ready to head across town and walk the dogs one more time.

10:45 AM – Drive across town, and decide to make a brows appointment. I kill some time looking at records at Music Millennium, and end up breaking my spending freeze when I pick up a record cleaning kit and a Killers album on vinyl. $46.87

 12:00 PM – I head to the salon and get my brows done. Ow. The price we pay… $17 (including tip)

12:30 PM – Back to my parents’ house to eat lunch, whatever I can find in the fridge, some chicken and rice. I watch trashy television for a couple hours until I can go over and meet the baby! (babies are on a very specific schedule apparently!)

3:00 PM – OMG this tiny human is so freaking adorable!!!! Something about little tiny babies, I just love them. Don’t want one myself, but I’m a great Auntie. We catch up over some mint tea and it’s such a lovely afternoon of baby snuggles.


4:30 PM – I grab a cookie and head out the door for a schlep across town to home.

5:00 PM – That was a fairly painless drive after all! Get home just as roomie does and we take the dogs out. I attempt to fix a record that has been skipping and unfortunately, I think it is scuffed and will need to be replaced. So sad.

5:30 PM – We decide to get Frank’s Noodle House for dinner, each getting an order of chicken with hand-pulled noodles. Roomie gets spicy and I get mild. I pick up the check as we tend to go back and forth on who pays for dinners when we eat out or get take out. $25 (with tip)

6:00 PM – We watch an episode of the Blacklist and eat our noodles, YUM!

7:00 PM – Stuffed and content, I enjoy one of my ciders that I picked up a few weeks back. Super good! Roomie goes downstairs to paint and I enjoy more X-Files and catch up on some writing.

9:00 PM – It’s early, and a Friday night, but we decide to head off to bed early, because we are old people……

Total spent: $88.87

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