Money Diary: Day Four

8:10 AM – Holy crap! We actually slept in! The dogs woke up about 30 minutes ago but I managed to get them to settle down until now. It’s the little things.

8:30 AM – I make coffee and a piece of toast. I also have a grapefruit. We get an Imperfect Produce box every two weeks full of funny looking fruits/veggies. There is nothing wrong with the produce but it isn’t pretty enough to sell in conventional grocery stores. So, at a discounted price it’s delivered to our house! We get to customize it and it’s a great deal! The grapefruit were small, like the size of a standard orange, so I assume that’s why they were “imperfect” (tasted just perfect to me!) Roomie takes my Doberman for a run (single woman running alone is a no-no in our house. He’s the only one of our dogs who would actually defend us so he is the designated running partner.)

9:30 AM – We all hang out, roomie stretches after her run, and we decide to see a movie this afternoon. I am very interested in seeing Call Me By Your Name. I also look into kitty-knuckle keychains for the two of us, you can never be too careful! $16

10:45 AM – Laundry and other adult tasks (dishes, general cleaning) until it’s time to go for the movie.

12:30 PM – We go to New Seasons, a local market, next to the theater. I get orzo salad with grilled chicken from the salad bar to enjoy during the movie $4.50

 1:15 PM – Roomie uses her Movie Pass and I pay for my ticket to the movie $8.50 and she gets a soda for us to share.

4:10 PM – OMG the movie is amazing! Probably one of my favorite movies ever. Really, that good. I highly recommend it! Though I may have cried, a lot…

4:30 PM – Home and hungry but decide to wait a little bit. We look at Foo Fighters tickets online, I desperately want to go and have put off buying tickets! My computer locks me out for some reason so Roomie buys the tickets and will deduct the cost of my ticket from my rent for next month. Woo Hoo!!! Beyond excited to see them, they are one of my bucket list bands. Now to wait until September for the concert hah.

5:25 PM – I walk the dogs and decide to heat up some soup. We have a chest freezer in our garage and it’s basically full of soup. I make a giant pot of it weekly, and freeze at least half of it each time. That way, on nights like tonight when I don’t feel like cooking, I can heat some up easily. I listen to my SYML record and eat my soup.

6:00 PM – Feed the dogs and settle into the couch with Mulder and Scully (X-Files) and my laptop. I do some reading and some writing. I have never been one to go out much, and last month was such a busy month that I am relishing my nights in lately!

7:00 PM – Time for an adventure! Because I am so enamored by the movie we saw today, I decide I need to get the book. And read it, immediately. So roomie and I head to Powell’s Books. I could order my book on Amazon for $10 but I feel like supporting a local establishment. And this way I can read it NOW. She also picks up a book, Hidden Figures. $17 We also swing through Subway on the way home for her to pick up something to eat. I am already engaged in my book so I get nothing to eat.


9:30 PM – I have been reading and listening to SYML on vinyl since we got home. I take the dogs out for one more walk and read until my eyes won’t stay open any longer, about 11:30 PM

Total spent: $46

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