What do you eat?

Let me first say that I’m not going to tell you what to eat. I firmly believe that different individuals eat different diets, and most people know what is the right diet for them. That being said, I think things change. I think people change and sometimes their diets change too.

I have tried many different diets over the years. Not for weight loss, but because of my Crohn’s Disease.I have typically stayed with the low residue diet. Meaning, I mostly eat rice, bread, potatoes, and other foods that are easily digestible. It makes getting the proper nutrients a bit of a challenge, but I am doing what I need to keep my guts happy.

For many years I was a vegetarian, though never have I eaten much meat at all, and I was vegan for a period of time. I have also tried cutting out types of foods (gluten for example) with little to no success.

I always follow my Doctor’s instructions, and will do whatever I need to take care of my health.

Recently, my roommate and I watched the documentary What The Health on Netflix. It was so eye opening and interesting. One of the doctors interviewed was a leading Gastroenterologist. He said that a number of his patients had seen a positive outcome from switching to a plant based (vegan) diet. Cutting out animal products all together (which lead to inflammation) was very helpful to the individuals. I figured, it couldn’t hurt to try, right?

I would have to be very careful, as raw fruits and vegetables are very difficult for me to digest. But I am willing to try. I am willing to see how it goes.

So Rachel and I are each taking baby steps each week to cup out animal products, so that will soon be entirely vegan. We are very excited about our journey and I will keep you updated on our progress.

I will not tell anyone they have to try this diet for themselves. I firmly believe that if I or anyone tells someone they HAVE to do it, they definitely will not. I know that’s how I am. But I do recommend watching the documentary. Educate yourself. It’s very interesting.


(It may be very boring to some, but this was my  first attempt at a few dishes for us this weekend. On the right is vegan chili which was a big hit! And on the left we have Aloo Matar, an Indian dish of potatoes and peas in a tomato curry sauce. Also very yummy!)

On top of my health reasons, many people go vegan for the cost saving benefits. I will dive into the savings aspect in an upcoming post. So I ask you again, what do you eat?

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